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Dôme Deco Diffuser 200ml Occulte

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Once the diffusers are activated, the room is filled with a long-lasting intense scent. An Oriental fragrance with a floral character of Violet, Ylang Ylang with a delicate kiss of cashmere wood and a mysterious touch of bergamot and almond.

  • The Fragrance will last for approximately two months
  • The sticks do not need to be burned

    Dôme Deco's luxurious scents collection has its origin in Grasse, also known as the capital of perfume and located in the South of France. This rich history gives depth and character to our fragrances which in return will make you undergo different experiences each time you light one of our candles. Feel in love with Amoureuse, let Aujourd’hui fill you up with hope and live the dream with Rêveur.